Telemedicine is remote delivery of healthcare services. Avante has partnered with local and national doctors to provide remote care to residents who are physically compromised or who choose to use this service. These services can alleviate some of the stress involved with going and waiting to be seen at a doctor's office. Instead, residents are able to remain home while receiving doctor care. This modality has proven to increase patient engagement and allow residents to have quick access to medical professionals with less wait time.

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Types of Telemedicine Benefits

Our Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care Facilities will have professional staff that assist in our seniors telehealth experience. Check out some

Chronic Disease Management

Medication Management

Mental Health

Sharing of Medical Information between Professionals

Emergency room diversion (Let the Telehealth doctor determine if the ER is needed)

Still have Questions about Assisted Living?

Our staff will spend time on the phone with you or in-person to help you make the best-informed decision for yourself or your loved one. Speaking to someone who understands what it is like to place a loved one in assisted living or make the decision to go yourself can be helpful.

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Want to try us out?

At Avante assisted living, we are aware that it can be challenging to move from your home to a new place. We encourage you to come for a few weeks and live with us. Enjoy our amenities and how carefree life can be when you live in an all-inclusive residence. We have around the clock activities will keep you busy, help to make new friends and introduce you to new experiences.

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