Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation


Getting you back on track.

Personalized programs for residents that help them achieve their highest level of independence. Using state-of-the-art equipment to augment and accelerate the healing process, our rehabilitation team focuses on residents’ multiple physical and emotional needs, providing physical, speech, and occupational therapy delivered by highly qualified and accredited personnel.

How we get you on track

Therapy on track.

Often times after surgery, injury or infection a patient may need additional care before returning home, assisted living facility or nursing home. The in-between place is a Skilled Nursing Facility for short term and long-term rehabilitation. Don’t just let hospitals or other professionals dictate where you or your loved one should go, find the right fit at Avante. We offer consultation phone calls at no charge to help you get more information when making the decision for placement. Call us today and let our expert skilled nursing staff answer any questions that you may have about our services.


Intravenous Therapy

Speech Therapy

Endosomal Ostomy Care

Physical Therapy

Wound Care

Pulmonary Care

Occupational Therapy

Tracheotomy Care

Long Term Care

Delievering the best care for you

Our medical team is available around the clock to ensure your loved one a speedy recovery.

Our medical team is available around the clock to ensure your loved one a speedy recovery. We also offer long term care for those who require more comprehensive treatment. We use specialized technologies with the latest developments in skilled nursing to ensure that your loved one is receiving the best treatment for their condition. We offer private and semi-private rooms with a 1:2 staff ratio to ensure that all of our patients receive exceptional care for the length of their stay.

We also know that family is essential to our patient’s overall health and wellness while in our facilities. Our staff are trained to keep you updated on a regularly basis, offer you to participate in treatment and discharge plans as well as offering family support through this time. Keeping you informed helps your loved one feel safer and trust the process which will help make their stay more comfortable. At Avante we treat you and your loved one like our family.

How To Get Started?

When choosing the right place for your loved one to recover, choose a skilled nursing facility that has a reputation for being the best in patient care. Avante has built an exceptional reputation for treating our patients like family, don’t just take our word for it call us today for more information.

We accept insurance and work with you to help keep costs low and effective for your family.

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Health Assessment

All residents receive a healthcare assessment, which includes gaining information about the medical history as well as current health status. This helps to have a smooth transition to residing with Avante without the worry about medical complications.