Our Journey

What makes us, us

We focus on the whole person, a concept that includes families, colleagues and communities.

Our Story.

For over 30 years, Avante has specialized in skilled nursing, assisted living, rehabilitation, and post-acute services. Our associates are committed individuals, who desire to create an environment that fosters wellness, integrity, and success. At Avante, you will have the opportunity for advancement, learn new skills, meet new people, build rewarding professional and personal relationships, and improve the quality of life of those around you.

A Promise Kept.

Samuel Klurman of blessed memory, had a vision for a place that would care for people with compassion and treat them with dignity and respect. As he prepared to implement his vision in the early 1960s, Sam shared his idea, along with all his other thoughts, with his wife and life-long partner Sisel. She was very interested in the concept and asked Sam to take her to such a place so she could see for herself what he had in mind to build.

A New Founding.

The Klurmans toured a nursing home. Sam was eager to hear Sisel’s thoughts about the facility and hoped he could count on her support for his new endeavor. Without thinking twice, Sisel agreed that this would be a wonderful business as long as Sam promised her that in their nursing homes no patient would be left alone or ignored, as they saw happen on the tour that day. He made that promise, and it is from there that Avante developed its core value: caring for patients with dignity and compassion above all else

A Past filled with Pain.

The Klurmans had a very difficult past. Sam grew up in Poland and when he was 17 the Nazis reached his home. Sam helped his parents and five siblings find a safe hiding place so he could plan an escape. At the same time, he joined the Partisans, an underground Jewish rebel force. Tragically, that is the last time he saw his entire family. While he was away, they were taken by the Nazis and murdered. Sam spent the next few years living in the forests of Eastern Europe and continuing to fight the Nazis.

A Tragic Love story.

Sisel, the oldest of six children, grew up in Romania. When her family was deported to a ghetto in the Ukraine, she immediately started working on escape plans. But by the time an opportunity to get away arose, her parents and two youngest siblings had already died under the deplorable ghetto conditions. Sisel escaped to Romania with her three other siblings. It was shortly after her arrival there that she met Sam. This was a true love story. They fell in love instantaneously and got married almost immediately.


The personal suffering they each experienced, along with the collective horrors and unimaginable atrocities they witnessed, had a profound effect on each of them. However, Sam and Sisel were optimists and chose to believe in life. All they wanted was to create a future for themselves, investing their time and energy in starting a business and a family.

Pain into

The Klurmans settled in Israel for a few years, after which they moved to Denver, Colorado and eventually made their way to New York where Sam founded his nursing home company. In 1980, they made their home in Florida, where they became prominent members of the community. The couple vowed to honor the memories of their loved ones by living lives of compassion and generosity in all of their endeavors. They promised each other that in their business of caretaking they would always treat those in need with kindness and decency.


Throughout their lives, Sam and Sisel focused on quality care above all else for their residents. That commitment to putting patients first became the organizational mandate and it continues to be the critical core of our company’s values today. This promise has been paramount throughout various cycles in our industry and we as a company can be very proud that it is still the most important part of our mission..