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Avante Healthcare Services

At Avante, we believe that health and safety management are essential to maintaining a quality of life. Our healthcare team of professionals is available around the clock to meet the needs of our residents. Our medical doctors, licensed nurses, and care professionals are available on campus to treat dental, vision, podiatry, and general health issues.

Avante’s general healthcare services are available around the clock to meet the changing needs of residents.

Remote Services

We offer telemedicine so that our residents can be seen by a doctor quickly to avoid prolonged discomfort and begin treatments sooner from unexpected symptoms.

Your providers, your way

Additionally, our residents may also choose to stay with their local medical doctors while living with us. We will assist residents with setting up appointments and even transportation to and from their offices.

Empowering you

Although additional support may be necessary

Avante’s general healthcare services are available around the clock to meet the changing needs of residents. Below is a brief list with descriptions of what our medical services are included in our assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care facilities.

Health Assessment

All residents receive a healthcare assessment, which includes gaining information about the medical history as well as current health status. This helps to have a smooth transition to residing with Avante without the worry about medical complications.

Nutrition Assessment

All residents also receive a nutritional assessment to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We manage diabetes, celiac, and lactose diets, amongst other specific dietary needs.

Monitoring of Health Status

Everyone receives a monitoring device so that a resident can push a button, and staff will immediately arrive at their location. There is also a system set up that staff check in on residents throughout the day and night to make sure all needs are being met.

Medication Support

It is crucial to take medication on time, and we understand that sometimes people can be forgetful. Not to worry, our staff will offer reminders to residents when it is time for medication.

Fall Management

Avante conducts fall management risks with our residents that have ambulatory needs who have just received medical treatment and need evaluation due to the aging process.

Grooming Assistance

With age, grooming assistance may be needed. We are discreet with our residents, who may need more help. Grooming assistance covers bathing, incontinence issues, body, and dental hygiene. Essential products are provided; however, residents have the option of purchasing different personal care items.

Respite Care

Our assisted living and memory care facilities are set up to offer short term stays for loved ones so that caretakers can get some time off. Respite Care is essential to ensure that caretakers do not develop health issues themselves by neglecting their needs while taking off their loved ones.

Still have Questions about Assisted Living?

Our staff will spend time on the phone with you or in-person to help you make the best-informed decision for yourself or your loved one. Speaking to someone who understands what it is like to place a loved one in assisted living or make the decision to go yourself can be helpful.

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Want to try us out?

At Avante assisted living, we are aware that it can be challenging to move from your home to a new place. We encourage you to come for a few weeks and live with us. Enjoy our amenities and how carefree life can be when you live in an all-inclusive residence. We have around the clock activities will keep you busy, help to make new friends and introduce you to new experiences.