Avante partners up with SAIVA to prevent reshopitalization of patients

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Avante Group, which owns and operates skilled nursing and assisted living facilities throughout Florida, has found an innovative way to enhance quality and patient safety through a partnership with SAIVA. SAIVA uses machine learning to help identify patients who are at high risk of rehospitalization. The SAIVA platform allows clinicians to intervene early, thereby significantly reducing hospital readmissions and improving outcomes.

SAIVA’s rehospitalization reduction system helps nurses be more effective and efficient. SAIVA’s reports identify residents who may need additional clinical focus.

SAIVA’s proprietary systems are AI-driven and generate detailed daily risk reports that identify the 15 patients who are at the highest risk of clinical decline and rehospitalization. These reports contain information based on key risk indicators. SAIVA’s report has helped Avante improve patient care, drive down costs, and increase both clinical and operational efficiency.

SAIVA’s system enhances Avante’s overall operations in five crucial areas: Clinical Practice, Risk Reduction, Regulatory Compliance, Referral Marketing, and Financial Performance.

Through our partnership with SAIVA, Avante has been able to leverage its machine learning system to unify and analyze multiple patient data points. This streamlined approach has enhanced Avante’s ability to identify at-risk residents, enhance care plans, provide more accurate and timely interventions, and ultimately reduce rehospitalizations. 

“When using SAIVA, our nurses don’t have to log in to any system besides our EHR. SAIVA’s artificial intelligence algorithm uses existing EHR data to produce the risk reports, so we don’t have to do any extra work.” – Kim Biegasiewicz, VP of Clinical Services, Avante Group Inc.

With SAIVA in place, Avante has been able to measurably improve patient care as well as streamline day-to-day operations for staff. In the first two months of full implementation across the organization, Avante saw a decrease in short stay rehospitalizations of 52%. SAIVA helps treat residents in place, and proactively identifies risks to reduce rehospitalization overall. The outcomes also reduce stress, not only for the patient but for their family and nursing staff as well.

“When you break down what SAIVA does, it empowers us to realize our mission of “Serve. Care. Heal,’” says Tricia Robinson, Avante President & CEO. “It puts daily, real-time data at our clinician’s fingertips to facilitate early detection, quick treatment for residents, and healing in place within the skilled nursing facility setting.”

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