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Our Mission

To improve quality of life for our esteemed residents, our colleagues and our communities, by exceeding expectations ... one individual at a time.

Specialty Services: Centers of Excellence in Wound Care

Another feature that sets Avanté apart are the Centers of Excellence in Wound Care, where physicians lead a team of professionals in providing services to adult and geriatric patients with chronic, non-healing wounds.  The most up-to-date treatments, techniques and equipment are used as our specialty staff delivers comprehensive wound care designed to return the resident to optimum health in the shortest period of time. 

Highlights of Avanté Centers of Excellence in Wound Care:

  • Anaerobic and aerobic cultures
  • Appropriate orthotics, compression devices, wheelchair and bed surfaces used
  • Biopsies done on site
  • Education relating to wound management and prevention provided
  • Electronic medical tracking of weekly assessments and wound measurements
  • Non-invasive testing with Laser Doppler
  • Nutritional and diabetic consultations
  • Ongoing collaboration and communication with referring and attending physicians
  • Physician-led, multidisciplinary treatment plans formulated
  • Use of advanced wound dressings