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To improve quality of life for our esteemed residents, our colleagues and our communities, by exceeding expectations ... one individual at a time.


I write this letter of appreciation and recognition for your staff at "Avante at Charlotte" where my mother, Elaine Rich resided for three plus years. The care extended by your staff, from the janitorial, nursing, activities, therapy, food service and administration was filled with love, service and grace.

I had a notion about nursing homes prior to my mother's admittance in 2010 that was not correct; I viewed it as a sad place that people went to die. What I found was an environment filled with compassion, caring and love for your residents.

I brought my mother home with Hospice to Avante on October 26th after a brief hospital stay, not to die alone, but to be surrounded by those that loved her. Staff from every part of your facility, and every shift, came to her room to hug her and tell her how much she was loved. We saw her depart this earth peacefully on November 1st under that care and love that I have come to know as Avante.

I am sure you know what you have here, but I don't think it ever hurts to remind the leadership how the efforts of the front line impact lives.

With great regard for Avante at Charlotte, Nancy Dwyer

Nancy Dwyer

Nov 20, 2013

Helen Z. is 79 years old and in June she had Aortic Valve surgery. While asleep after the surgery, she pulled her endotracheal tube out, damaging her throat, easophagus, and voice box.The hospital had to perform an emergency tracheotomy and she was placed on a ventilator. The doctors told her family there was really nothing they could do and that she would soon pass away. Helen was then transferred to Avante at Ocala in August. The team, consisting of Nursing, Respiratory, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, went to work to slowly wean her from the ventilator, as well as helping her rebuild muscle strength. Soon, she started walking with assistance, communicating, and was also able to start eating regular foods. One month ago, she was totally taken off the ventilator. Through more therapy and surgeries she was able to have the trach removed. Much to the delight of her husband, son, and daughter-in-law, she will be going home in 2 to 3 weeks.

Sixty year old Lisa K. was found on the floor of her home totally unresponsive and not breathing. She was intubated and taken to the hospital. Because of various problems, she was unable to be taken off the ventilator. Lisa came to us in June 2011. She was confused, combative, and had no idea where she was or what was going on. Her family lived very far away and was unable to provide support or comfort. And because she couldn’t even talk to them, they were unaware of her status. Again the Avante Team got to work. I’ll never forget the joy on her face when she was able to actually speak to her son on the phone for the first time. Lisa was able to come off the ventilator but due to a variety of problems, had to continue to breathe through the trach. After many surgeries and a lot of hard work, Lisa was able to have her trach removed two weeks ago. Arrangements have been made and Lisa will be leaving us Thursday to go live with her grandson in Connecticut.

Avante at Ocala is hosting a farewell party for these two strong women this Monday, January 28th at 2pm. Both of them and their families would love to talk with you and tell you their courageous stories.

Patty Hughes

Director of Activities, Avante at Ocala

Success Stories Jan 25, 2013

I would like to publicly thank Avante at Jacksonville Beach for the excellent care of Henry, my 88 year-old father. Their caring staff showed exceptional medical expertise and human compassion during my father's stay at their top-notch nursing facility by Seabreeze Elementary. Henry had a head trauma in July 2012 and was given 2 days to live. Their rehab and long-term care teams extended his quality of life to 6 months with us. Every time my husband and I went to see Henry the staff was always courteous and the facility was spotless. Henry's meals were always tasty, temperate, and timely. Though Henry could be disagreeable at times, staff showed incredible patience and always followed the family's instructions for his care. It gives my family great inner peace to know that Henry had this wonderful care before he passed to join his wife in Heaven. Thank you.

Janice Irle

Neptune Beach

Avante gave wonderful care to my father Jan 17, 2013

My mother has been living at Avante since March 2011. I was an Activity Director at Bailey Village in Gainesville, Florida for 10 years. During that time I visited many, many facilities. I feel that Avante is the most perfectly laid-out facility I have seen. I love the the idea of the sitting area with the tables. In most facilities the residents sit in their rooms or in the halls. There is always activity around my mother. Even though she doesn't participate she is there and enjoys watching. LOVE IT.

The staff has worked hard to fulfill all my wishes for my mother's care. Thank You. I know it is a hard job to please everyone. I think Avante tries and I am grateful. I believe it takes special people to do a good job. Avante has quite a few of those special employees who really care about the residents.

I understand the people listen to negative comments, perhaps because they find them more interesting. I believe people should really listen to GOOD things...that is why I deciced to write this.

Thank you, Avante, for being there and taking such good care of My Mom who is so special to me.

Irene Tilghman

Letter of Appreciation

Mom Jan 09, 2013

Residents of [an Avante] nursing home in Ocala are getting the chance to use this technology during their leisure time….One resident who can’t talk or get out of bed, is using the iPad to Skype with her family…”We have all been in tears in there with her doing it and the look. Ruth has got a very expressive face. She can tell you a lot with her face and just to see her face when she sees her daughter it’s just very warming,” said Patty Hughes who is the therapeutic recreation coordinator at Avante...Hughes said the goal is to get enough donations to buy a couple more iPads. They even want to buy a projector and a screen so that they can use the bingo app.

Yaremi Farinas

WCJB-TV 20, Gainsville, FL

Brought Together by Technology Oct 29, 2012 Source: Brought Together by Technology

Avante at Jacksonville Beach is located right behind Baptist Beaches Hospital and my mother was a resident there for nine years. I went to see her on a daily basis. Everyone was always warm, friendly and very professional. Words are not adequate to thank all of those amazing LPNs and CNAs who were responsible for her care. I will hold them in my thoughts for years to come because they were able to do for my mother what I wasn't able to do in my home. I just want everyone to know what a really great place it is, and remember how hard a job it is for these wonderfully dedicated people.

Susie Miller - Neptune Beach

Letter to the editor The Beaches Leader, October 25, 2012

Oct 26, 2012